Commercial Banking

Business Loans

Business Loans in WV, VA, MD

Business Lines of Credit

(secured and unsecured)

We offer Business Lines of Credit to finance the seasonal capital needed during peak business periods of our customers.

Business Term Loans

We offer term loans which can be used for the financing of your business needs:

  • Real Estate
  • Financing Equipment
  • Expansion or modernization of a business
  • Purchase of a business
  • Refinancing of present debt
  • Replenishing working capital depleted by a previous business expansion

Terms are designed to fit the needs of the customer and the depreciation schedule of the assets being financed.

Government Guaranteed Loan Programs

We work with various agencies to offer our customers additional loan opportunities through government guarantees and direct financings. We work with The Small Business Administration (SBA), Farm Service Agency (FSA), Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS), National Community Investment Fund (NCIF), etc.

For More Information Contact:
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