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Installment Loans in WV, VA, MD

FNB Bank Consumer Installment Loans

FNB Bank offers many types of loans that are designed to meet your individual and business needs.

Getting ready to purchase a new or used automobile, a boat, recreational vehicle, mobile home? Or to refurnish your home or take that special vacation? If so, you’ll want to find out more about our installment loans. Competitive rates are just part of the story. We’ll help you match the term of the loan to your budget. For added convenience, you may make your payments at any FNB Bank office or we can charge your Checking, Savings or Money Market account directly.

FNB Bank’s Cash Line

An unsecured-revolving personal line of credit that is available to you when you need it. Once the line is in place, all you do is write a check when you need money. You can pay the amount back in payments or a lump sum, which makes the funds available to you again; whenever you need them, up to your maximum approved line. Just like a credit card — Only Better!

Consumer Installment loans are available at all FNB Bank locations.
For More Information Contact:
Amanda Dicks – Hampshire Square (304) 822-8383
Kim Hudson – Capon Bridge (304) 856-3426
Katelyn Cheshire – Fort Ashby (304) 298-3496
Travis Clower, Sarah Thorne, Stacey Bowman, Paula Tingler – Main Office (304) 822-8700


Need a home loan instead?

FNB Bank has a variety of land and home loans to service your needs.